What should I know about real hair extensions?

Author: Danny Bruce

Our hair is an important constituent of our personality, but there are a number of reasons behind people getting allured towards extensions. This not only infuses confidence in them, but also allows them to revolutionize their looks devoid of involving any rocket science. The fact that they can be attached to the original one makes them hugely popular among the page 3 ladies who have to attend parties daily and look different in every party.

How it all began?

In terms of their history, we can only speculate about the date, month or year because they have been here for a long time. They evolved and evolved and evolved to bring in the concept of real hair extensions around the globe. This version allows users to wear natural human hair on their skulls and it is available as either clip-in, bonded extensions and weaves. The clip-in version is perfect for temporary and daily wear, whereas the bonded extensions are fused to natural ones. Then, there is weaves version that can be weaved and blended with their natural counterparts. All these three versions are very effective and influential way of increasing volume on your scalp. If taken proper care, these real hair extensions can last up to more than three months. An added advantage is that you can get them according to your style and get them mixed and matched with different colors and patterns.

The hair extensions Australia firms offer few simple tips for the proper maintenance of these extensions apart from several creams, lotions and shampoos. Let us have a quick look at them.

  1. The first tip is to wash your head thoroughly before applying real hair extensions. This will prevent from sweat, oil and dirt that keep accumulating on your head.
  2. The second tip is that always go to a salon for cutting, trimming as well as dye. There is a big no-no to DIY in terms of dyeing.
  3. Be very gentle and treat them as delicate.
  4. Use a brush, but ensure that the bristles are soft. The pattern of brushing should be from the bottom up.  Never brush from top down as it will loosen the track and become the cause of your slip down.
  5. A special care has to be taken while sleeping. You should ensure that you tie them up. Often it is seen that women wrap them in a scarf and put it in a hat. This is a wrong idea, as it causes loosening up and development of unwanted tangles.
  6. Avoid using sprays with silicon or alcohol content as they can damage them permanently or make them look ratty.
  7. Always wash these extensions with the products recommended by the experts. They will include moisturizing products. Remember, extensions doesn’t need oil like their natural partners.
  8. Use a deep conditioner on them once and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  9. Remember to use heat protection gadgets or equipments while using different styling tools.

These tips would ensure that your extension lasts longer than the suggested period on its packet.

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