What causes brittle fingernails and how can I prevent them?

Author: Shannon Wimberly

Health conditions like thyroid or anemia could cause extreme brittle fingernails to show up from nowhere. You should contact your physician immediately if this happens to you. Extreme protein deficiency can also cause chronic brittleness to those people who are going through chemotherapy or have eating disorders. Sometimes it could also be generic if you have suffered from brittle fingernails for a long time. There is a probability that you might be a victim of brittle fingernails if your mother has had this problem.

What Makes The Fingernails Break?

Due to their absorbent nature, nails are influential to factors that are external and this can make them break or cleave.

Below are a few factors that could be causing you brittle fingernails:

Exposing Nails To Water – Water gets into your fingernails when you do cleaning, take a bath or wash your hands. Fingernails can also absorb water while getting a manicure. Then water will diffuse back out finally. When water content changes continuously cells are forced to contract and expand, which stresses them as they keep on changing size consistently to occupy less or more water.

Change in Weather – Swings in winter temperatures from the freezing outdoors to the warmer indoors can cause the the nails to chip and crack. The change in humidity levels has a lot to do with this. Your finger nails will definitely adjust to fit in these unreasonable temperature instabilities, similar to how your body reacts to temperature changes. Both the water content of our fingernails and water content of the ambient surrounding are in flux. These in turn brings about types of weakening and strain identical to those of water exposure. At the end of it, the outcome is brittle fingernails. When the nails crack it is best to trim or file them down to where the crack ends so they do not get snagged on your clothing.

Chemical Exposure – As of from now on, add fingernail polish remover to your enemies list. Since it’s actually a strong solvent, closely similar to paint thinner, it makes the nail dry. Acetone is the most aggressive chemical polish remover you can use, but it doesn’t imply that removers that are non-acetone are much better. Non-acetone removers need more time for exposure and also need more of the liquid for them to do their work. The fact that it’s not very discordant is not enough to make you rub and drench your fingernails in extra product in order to do away with stubborn polish. this is somehow damaging. There has not been much research done so far to show as to the right product to use but going without acetone might be the correct choice and a better option.

Polish May Help Hold The Nails Together

Polish can really help in holding together the fingernail cells that are delicate; as a result the tips will be prevented from peeling and chipping. All in all you will be forced to remove the polish at some point in time. Never try to pick the polish off. Picking it off will cause damage to the top layer of your fingernail’s cells and will also be a cause of brittle fingernails as you pick off the polish. Removing the polish properly in a salon can help avoid problems that some gel manicures may expose you to. Lately there has been some concern over gel nail polish. Drying your fingernails under UV light also has come up as a possible health issue.

Fortunately, it’s quite simple to safeguard your fingernails against the problem of them getting to brittle. Try some of the above suggestions to avoid problems with your nails. When doing hand washing or holding and using chemicals try as much as possible to put on gloves.

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