What are the characteristics of the perfect nose?

It would seem that it is futile to seek for perfection in this imperfect world. What is ideal may sometimes be so hard to attain, and it somehow borders already on the line where it is totally unreachable.

However, cosmetic surgery somehow managed to bring the world of idealism into a spot within everyone’s reach. Though there are many facets to this issue, there is one interesting procedure in plastic surgery that promotes the acquisition of what is ideal. This surgical procedure is called rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping.

Rhinoplasty is considered to be the most complex operation a cosmetic surgeon has to deal with. Its aim is to improve the function and the appearance of a person’s nose by removing a hump, changing the tip or bridge, narrowing the span of the nostrils, and other modifications.

What patients and surgeons alike are trying to really achieve in a rhinoplasty procedure is the acquisition of the ideal nose. It is needless to say that the ideal nose is patient-specific since it is largely dependent on the facial structure of the patient. At first glance, it is quite difficult to really determine the best nose for a certain person given the diversity and complexity of individual cases.

Fortunately for plastic surgeons and patients, there is a mechanism provided for such purpose. According to Dr. Becker of The Rhinoplasty Center, the ideal nose is that which is harmonious with the other favorable facial features. It is with no doubt that anyone who is not happy with his nose certainly has this perception of the ideal nose, which he or she would like to have. Aside from practically correcting certain defects and imperfections, one longs to have his or her nose blend well with his or her other facial features. A nose doesn’t exist by itself. It has to complement with the eyes, mouth, and other important areas of the face.

Certain metrics are followed in order to determine the best nose for a certain individual. Though this quantitative technique does not really cover everything there is to know about having an ideal nose, they are used to help surgeons come up with the best plan for his patient’s surgery.

Specific measurements that need to be looked into in determining the ideal nose are employed. These are the nasofrontal angle, nasal projection, nasofacial, and nasomental angles to name just a few. All these are noted down by the plastic surgeon to ensure precision. Normally, the nasofacial angle should be 36 degrees. However, certain considerations have to be taken into account before directly applying such rule to the patient. This is where the plastic surgeon’s expertise and sound judgment come into play.

Employing this mechanism along with the recent developments in facial plastic surgery, that elusive perfect nose sure is now an arm’s length away. With a board-certified facial surgeon, and the latest in rhinoplasty instruments and techniques around, everyone has now a chance to grab that, which was once considered unreachable, and irrational in this realistic, and non-idealistic existence.images-6135535

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