What are the best college bags for girls?

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No matter what a girl’s age is, she will drool over bags and stylish girls tops. Most college going girls carry large bags to contain class notes and reference books aside from a laptop. The bags need to be large and spacious apart from being classy to look at. Most college girls want to carry bags which have a number of chains and compartments to hold different contents. Despite their size, there are quite a few trendy bags for girls which they can take to college.

The top bags for girls preferred for going to colleges have been discussed below. Online shopping sites in India offer a wide range of girls bags online.

Shoulder Bags- These are the most common bags used by college girls because of their spaciousness and trendy designs. They can be made of many materials such as canvas, leather, jute etc. These bags are easy to be carried and they hold a lot of stuff. Some have additional chambers within or on the outside for holding knickknacks such as house keys, cell phones, loose change etc. They are available in single shades and also interesting prints like those of auto-rickshaws, faces of famous actors, and other kitschy designs.

Cross Sling Bags- Carrying shoulder bags may become difficult for you if you travel by public transport. Shoulder bags have the irritating feature of slipping off the shoulders. To keep the bags from falling off, these bags have been given long and cloth handles which can be slung across your shoulder. Aside from being convenient enough to be carried around, they are also quite trendy, especially if you wear western clothes or designer kurtis to college. They are available in a number of designs such as with zips, magnetic flaps and much more.

Jholas- Jholas were earlier symbolic of intellectuals who talked of Derida and Marx but they have been revamped to suit all kinds of college goers. Mostly made of cotton, these bags can hold a number of things and their closing mechanism is quite innovative. Their mouth can be pulled closed with strings or they can be closed with zips. They are often available in a decorative variety with sequins and embroideries done on them.

Backpacks- Those who do not want to hold on to a bag when they travel carry backpacks as they are highly convenient. Backpacks resemble school bags to a good extent- only they look trendier! They can contain a lot of items including laptops and other heavy objects. They have got side netted pockets for containing water bottles as well. They are highly convenient and not only are they bags for girls but also for boys.

Totes- These bags are usually made of leather and they have shorter handles. They contain fewer numbers of things and can be carried only on days when you need to carry fewer numbers of copies and books. They are very trendy and stylish and available in pop colours such as neon pink and orange.

Canvas Bags- These bags for girls are light in weight and available in a wide variety of designs. The straps are usually adjustable and they often have messages written across them.

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