What are the benefits of oiling hair regularly?

Since childhood, we hear from our grandparents about the importance of applying oil to our hair regularly. Not only regular oiling helps add shine to lifeless tresses, prevent split ends but also helps give nourishment to scalp and hair. Also, a good massage helps relieve you from stress and increases the circulation of blood to the scalp.

If you are looking for suitable oil for your hair type, we recommend you to go natural as organic products are safe on your hair and do not cause any side effects. You can go for Bio Bhringraj hair oil  by Biotique which has multiple benefits like preventing hair fall, promoting growth and conditioning your hair from the roots.

Here are few other benefits of oiling your hair on a regular basis –

Oil forms a protective coat on your hair shaft which prevents from damage caused by pollution, harmful sunrays, heating devices, styling etc. Regular oiling also protects your hair from turning grey pre-maturely and maintains its dark color naturally.

It has a power of penetrate deep through your scalp, nourish from within, stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. It also helps your mane to regain its natural strength, luster and texture which may have been damaged due to chemicals used in various shampoos and conditioners available in the market.

Good ayurvedic hair oil prevents extensive drying of hair due to factors like pollution, exposure to sunlight, shampooing daily and use of styling products. With regular practice, you would notice that your tresses have become soft and shiny.

Another benefit of using natural haircare products like oil is that it helps keep your hair dandruff free and also prevent split ends. Falling dandruff can also be a cause of white spots and blemishes on face, therefore you should oil your hair regularly to keep dandruff at bay.

Oiling helps add a natural shine to your hair without using any chemical based products, lotions or gels which are very popular among youngsters. A useful tip would be to apply just 2-3 drops of oil and spread it evenly on your mane to make it work as a leave-in conditioner.

Conditioning of your hair is also possible with regular oiling as it works from the roots and helps smoothen the mane for long.

Apart from all the above mentioned uses, oiling your hair regularly would make sure that hair loss is reduced, it takes a natural shape and has a beautiful texture and shine.

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