What are some weird ways to remove hair?

Yes it has become more common for ladies to grown their hair out and dye it. I’m talking about armpit hair and around your vagina. So this is just for the girls who choose they peferr a more natural look instead of a fuzzy one. So yeah, you can shave but here are some other options available to remove the pesky hair. See which one works best for you!

1: Burn your hair off:

yeah it sounds crazy! but it sort of is. So what you do is get a lighter and light you leg/vagina/arpit hair on fire! Make sure to get close enough to burn your hair but not damage or irritate the skin underneath. We are burning the HAIR not the BODY! It also smells bad. But I guess that’s how bodies smelt in death camps because they were burned alive and such. Please have someone help you do thie technique. Maybe they could hold a cup of water just in case. (and ya you can sip on it)

2.Bite your hair off.

Your teeth are pretty powerful, never doubt that. they can bite into a lot of things. So why use tweezers when you can use the tweezers god gave you, your CHOMPERS! lol. It might be hard to reach you vagina but this could totally work for your arm/leg/nipple hair. Simply bite down on the unwanted hair and lightly tug until it it pulled from the skin. This teqneek may take some time but whatever! If you have time to kill, kill it!

3.Wear realy tight rubber pants!

Yeah it sounds crazy. But have you noticed when you wear skinny jeans your leg hairs grow more thin and slower? WELL YEAH! that being said something you can do is buy rubber pants and wear them under your outfits or just like normal! It will stunt your leg hair growth. If you want to do your entire body you would have to find a rubber suit. good luck with that! Im sure you can find something like that at sears or even forever 21. Good luck!

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