What are six unusual ways to flirt?

There are too many flirting tips out there and they all sortof feel the same. Same advice different place. It’s always good to switch things up sometimes. The fresher the flirting tips the more likley you are going to get your crush to notice you and peak their interest. So here our our 6 Weird was to flirt.

1. Butt Dial: So, we all know this actually does happen very often. But the difference is you are going to be doing this on purpose! But he doesn’t have to know. (or her if your bi or lez). Simply dial their number, put it on speakerphone and place it in your pocket. He will be for sure thinking of you. You will for sure know he’s intersted if he sits on the line for a while.

2. Eye contact ATTACK!. So we know eyes are the windows to your soul. A simple look can convey so much internal information. So when you see your crush give them a hug and don’t let go. But instead pull your face back so your nose’s are almost touching and stare deep into his eyes without blinking. If you want to take it to the nixt level go ahead and bit your upper lip, or start singing your favourite song (might be awkward).


3. Spread Eagle: Sit with your legs wide open. YES this sounds extreme. but it’s 2015 and we don’t have to be lady like all the time. Show your crush your relaxed and proggressev by opening up your clampot. Feminism never sleeps ladies. You WILL spark his interest.

4.Coffee run: Invite him to go out for coffee but then never show up. It will give you the sense that you are busy and your time is valualble. He will assume you are proactive and face that facts that your time is a privilage. Of course apologize and reschedule later on.

5.Heartbeat: Walk up to your crush and look flustred (but cute) and tell them. “omg my heart is beating out of control” and grab his hand and instead of putting on your chest put it on your boob, or half of your boob. Then giggle and tell him, “that’s not my heart” and pass out or just walk away. He will be so confused/turned on.

6. Dress da besst: Randomly dress up, like your going out to the club. Interate with him and see the compliments pour in. Switch your style up to show your many sexy versions. He will notice, and you will notice him noticing. But stay Classy!


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