What makes bandage dresses amazing?

When you wear bandage dresses, you can boast a tiny waist without bothering with a corset, an enticing décolletage without a push-up bra, and sexy curves along your hips. Bandage dresses are one of those inventions that have surprised the fashion world, including their creator Hervé Léger. They are very different from any other types … Read more

How can I style a necklace effectively?

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck for ornamental value. Necklace gives beauty to the neck as it touches the throat. Women love jewelry and would love to be looked upon as being attractive to others and to this end, pieces of jewelry are their passion. History looks at … Read more

How do I choose the right bag for my body type?

Sporting the retros 60s or moving onto the new age trends, sometimes your fashion sense also needs to be in coherance with your body type. As irresistible as a big totes from Michael korrs looks, if a small built lean women carry it around, it kills the whole essence of the bag and the style … Read more

Is Italian jewelry worth the investment?

Italian designs are considered to be top notch in many consumer good markets including fashion, jewelry, decors and furniture. We know so because major department stores are advertising Italian fashions and jewelry as luxurious products. What are the real reasons behind all these appreciation and adoration? When we think of the biggest movie industry in … Read more

Why are Air Jordan sneakers so popular?

Description Air Jordan sneakers are a range of sneakers that have been around for some time. The idea of these Air Jordan sneakers was put forward by none other then Michael Jordan himself. There have been over 20 pairs of Air Jordan sneakers released over the years. And even the most die-hard Michael Jordan fan … Read more

What are six ways to look fabulous in glasses?

A look at any fashion magazines, online fashionistast,  TV shows or movies prove that eyeglasses are stylish quirky and great fashion accesories. “With so many people wearing glasses, people are starting to use eyewear as an accessory to match their personal style,” said Kristin Bonfield, accessories product manager of LensCrafters. The secret to looking dope … Read more

What are the best college bags for girls?

Author: Aarushi No matter what a girl’s age is, she will drool over bags and stylish girls tops. Most college going girls carry large bags to contain class notes and reference books aside from a laptop. The bags need to be large and spacious apart from being classy to look at. Most college girls want … Read more

Should my purse or handbag match my body type?

Most women cannot leave the house without bringing a purse or a handbag with them. After all, carrying a purse along is a convenient way of lugging loose change, a cellphone, a compact, a comb, a lipstick, keys, a vial of perfume, reading material, and all the other stuff that women cannot leave home without. … Read more

What makes elegant ladies’ suits perfect for all occasions?

Author: Rihan Khan India is a country rich in culture and traditions. Indians love their tradition attires. Sarees, ladies suits, ghagra-choli, lehengaare attires that existed since the Mughal period. But, today these outfits for the Indian women are modified according to the need of the hour. Even the western customers loveto flaunt the Indian fashion … Read more

What makes Chanel perfume timeless and classy?

One of the most distinguished brand name in the perfume business that almost everyone knows about it and is familiar with its unique logo, and surely Chanel perfume is the very last name in quality as well as style making it amongst the most highly regarded of all perfumes. Moreover, there are of course imitations … Read more