How do I choose the right bag for my body type?

Sporting the retros 60s or moving onto the new age trends, sometimes your fashion sense also needs to be in coherance with your body type. As irresistible as a big totes from Michael korrs looks, if a small built lean women carry it around, it kills the whole essence of the bag and the style of the person.

Today we will try to understand the kind of bags the 4 most common body types are best suited to. After that, we will try to narrow down to those magic hands behind the beautiful bags with focus in New Delhi, India.

  1. Tall and thin:

Apparently, this body type is godsend as they can flaunt almost any type of bags. But the crowning glory will be totes bags that are oversized, just perfect to accentuate your long arms or even baggy ones. Even shoulder bags and clutch looks great with this body type.


Even though all bags seems to play with your body type, avoid small handbags because they tend to make you look bigger.

  2. Petite:

The bags that play best with a petite body is a small satchel or a giant bag. When I say giant bag, I mean a mid hanging bag that will fit just in your elbow area so that it won’t be too overbearing on your body type again.


It is not a very pleasant idea to carry a sling or cross-body bag for a petite person. This is so because it may otherwise overwhelm your body type.

  3. Plus Size:

Opposites attracts, and that applies in fashion as well. An Envelope clutch, a slim small clutch for the arm or a medium length strap bags will be the right pick. This way, your body will be influenced by these slim and thin bags.


Small cross body bags or slings or a small sized bags are a total no-no for plus size. Because it will only result in the abgs looking lost against your figure which i am sure won’t be a pleasant sight!

  4. Curvy:

Structured bags or doctor’s satchels bags are a great option for this body type. Anything that is sharp and well defined to contrast the body type should be chosen because this way it will flatter the curves of the body.


You have got the curves and the envy so don’t mash it up with slings or baggy ones. Think style and not Fashion, you do not want to overdo yourself.

There are numerous ladies bags manufacturers most of which are just a click away all thanks to the internet. Whether you are opting for leather products or non-leather, sometimes it’s not just the brand you look for. Sometimes we buy the bags that connects with our style statement.

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Like I mentioned earlier, owning a bag is not just about the Trend or the Brand, its about the Style, and how you let it define you.

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