How can I keep my Halloween costume sexy?

Tying to find sexy Halloween outfits is sometimes hard. There are so many choices and also many ways it can go totally wrong. So to avoid the confusion I’ve gather up some sassy pieces of info with my own ideas and I have created this awesome list of tips on how to choose your sassy sexy and unique Halloween costume this season. Boo!

This tips for sure will help you with deciding the correct costume for you personally, your friend or both. (if a couples costume is and option)

Tips for adults and couples

1. You are invited to a Halloween party – consider the guest list (children, adults, teens) and if it is a themed party (latest events, historical) before choosing your costume.

2. Now when you know the guests and the type of party, it is time for you to decide whether you want to be unique or to wear an old favorite costume.

Brainstorm a list of ideas. If you go as a couple, ask your partner do it together.

Here is a small list of ideas I brainstormed myself:

Pirate couple –very popular (as usual) and especially for this Halloween – my favorite

A pair of boobs- glue nipples to your foreheads.

Vampire couple – more traditional and in the spirit of Halloween; if originally designed you will be the stars at the party

Batman and Catwoman – already a classic couple, but could also do great separately

A full body Vagina & Penis Costume – super sassy and def not safe for work.

Princess Leah and Hans Solo – a classic couple for all times fans of “Star Wars”

Queen Amidala and Anakin Skywalker – the newer version of the above couple and also great costume idea for “Star Wars” fans

Flapper Girl and Gangster – if you are fans of 1920’s old movies; then girls grab a straight, shapeless shift dress and a roaring twenties costume of gangster for the boys, and your couple is complete

Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner – I needed a sexy couple costume to finish my short list, and what is sexier than that couple, especially the female part

3. After your brainstorm, it is time to decide if you are going to purchase it online or at you local Halloween store, or just rent it, or make it yourself.

I do not recommend you the last one (do it yourself) because if you go as a couple – phew, you’ll get a lot of work to do and will take you a lot, I mean a lot, more time than just purchase a couple of unique ready made costumes for you and your partner.

You can still buy new Halloween costumes at very reasonable prices such as discount Halloween costumes or costumes at clearance in some big online stores. You will be amazed by the huge variety of great adult and couple costumes at special prices.

4. Make up, masks, wigs and other Halloween accessories (jewelry, shoes, gloves) – use them as far as your costume allows you or obliges you. Do everything possible and even the impossible to stand out in the crowd of costumes with your unique and great adult or couple Halloween costumes.

If you choose a scary costume then use a proper make up to make scar, wart, blood, cuts on your face or body or any other variety of deformities to add the realistic touch you costume needs.

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