How can I get over my ex?

We are crazy, and hold on to dreams and intentions that play out in our best intrest. We all have the one that got away. That being said we need to remains strong and know our self worth. How are you going to love somone else when you don’t even love yourself. Time to stop focusing on your ex and literally x him out of your mind. Here are some helpful tips to let you move forward with your life, and be indipentant and working it.


Get a TINDER: It’s 2015! like get with the technology. Who needs speed dating when you can either swipe left or swipe right? It doesn’t get more speedy than that if you ask me. It’s alway s good to see how many other fish are out their. Many of my gal pals have found amazing dates and boyfreinds on here. Or just hang out. You don’t need a man, but you also don’t not need a man. See what I mean. Go fuck a guy one night stands are healthy, but alawys use protection.

Explore your local scene: Get out of your house and chill in a coffee shop. That’s were the locals feel comfortabel and are open to light convo. Make a new friend and plan some fun sassy events together. Maybe even a shopping trip or skydiving. The options are endless. Keep the Comedy:

You know what NOT to do when you break up. NEVER watch sad movies!!! It only makes things super worse. You begin thinking about your relastionship. what you need to do is avoid all romances in general and stick to witty and sloppy comedy movies. Laughter is absolutley the best medicen. Binge Drink: But a bottle and drink with your gal pals. Sometimes all you need to do to great funny memories is get fucked up with your best friends.

Feel better soon ladies and remember! How are you going to love someone else how are you going to love you


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