What is NO LONGER a Trend in 2016!

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In with the new out with the old. Style and trends always change with the times whether you like it or not. It’s good to stay updated on what is chic, what is fleek, and what you need to toss out! If you find any of these things in your closet etc you should rethink you title as a fashion icon.


Over doing braclettes is OUT get a life and take off your armored arms. Kylie Jenner would do her love bracelettes then everyone and their Mom started. Once lame moms start copying Kylie Jenner it means that trend is more than officially dead.blog07012013 rings

Coffee is so OUT, it stains your teeth and makes you have a heart attack if you have to much of it. Can you say LAME? Spend your time outside of the coffee shop and instead replace it with shopping, dancing or even science experiments!tumblr_nc4isxzMJS1r4ueyro1_400


Wigs are so OUT, how about use your own hair you freako! This was a booming trend in 2015 but times have changed and we like original hair now. If it’s not from your scalp throw it away/burn it.


Platform Flip Flops are OUT, you need to find a new way to add 6 inches of hight to your look because those foam platform flip flops are no longer considered chic. If you want you can put them in a cute box and throw them away. $T2eC16J,!y0E9s2S5)VKBR-uo472z!--60_57


Teeth are OUT! close your mouth when you smile, it makes you seem more mysteriuos and british.