What does the color of your eyeliner mean?!

blue eyeliner means your pregnant

I bet you didn’t know your eyeliner could be so informative, WELL IT CAN! there is a subculture that has trickle into mainstream sheading light on what you are really saying with the color of your eyeliner. The results vary from totally shocking to totally fun but always, so fashion ready.

Blue Eyeliner: Women who wear blue eyeliner and mascara are announcing they are pregnant or are trying their best to get pregnant. No one thinks of blue as a maternal color but in this case it tottally is. So next time you see somone with blue eyeliner you will know there is a bun in the oven.

Red Eyeliner: Drug abuser, weather it’s alchohol or heroin, they just can’t get enough. It’s a way to communicate to urban dealers without straight up asking if they are selling drugs. So unless you are a crack head who wants drugs it’s best to stay away from fashionistas with red eyeliner!


Gold Eyeliner: Tells everyone you are not from this country, you are a visitor and want to remain as such. If their is gold eyeliner on the top and bottom that means they came on a boat. #cruise

Purple Eyeliner: Single and ready to mingle. It brings in the boys who love purple and what it represents. What is that you ask? Well, studies show that the color purple is a mixture of blue and red. Mens two faveorite colors. So mixing them up and putting it around your face will make them almost instantly fall for you.


Keep your eyes pealed ladies! Now that you know the down lo on they eyeliner lingo go check out peoples makeup. Live fast Die old!blue eyeliner means your pregnant

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