Tips on how to STOP being ANNOYINGLY girly


Being girly is a big part of being a girl. But we all know it’s not eveyons cup of tea. Not only can being annoylingly girly leave you with very few friends, it can also totes work against you for your love life. So put down your pink lipgloss and takes some notes you annoyingly girly girls.


►Stop the gossip:

Nothing is more reputation damaging thatn constantly speaking ill of your best freinds. When people see you talking badly about people you see on a daily bases it just shows you can not be trusted at all. SHut your face bitch lol!


►Stop Grunting

Tons of girl girls love to grunt at everything. like stop. Your grunting only makes you seem angry and makes people think you need to change your tampon. It doesn’t make you mystical at all. Just annoying.


►Stop wearing retarded leggings:

We can totally see your camel toe. and can smell your pussy if your on your period. lol.


►Stop spending 10 hours to do your hair

it looks like shit anyways. Keep it simple and chic, duh!


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