Tips on Getting the RIGHT Colored Contacts!


Novelty contact lenses are considered as eye accessories, which are available in different designs and colors. Novelty contact lenses were initially used during Halloween parties, but later on were used for many other occasions too. Nowadays it is available every-where and anyone above 18 years of age can purchase them. Novelty contact lenses can be bought from beauty salons, online markets or from novelty markets etc. Before purchasing a novelty contact lens it is good to consult a reputed ophthalmologist to avoid any corneal infection. Many people have lost their eyesight due to the purchase of novelty contact lenses made up of hazardous material. Hence, it is good to look for FDA approved novelty contact lenses.

Many reports have surfaced in the recent years regarding people losing their eyesight or experiencing eye infections due to using unsafe novelty contact lenses. This is due to the selling of novelty contact lenses made by unsafe products and marketed by fly-by-night businessmen during particular occasion. The buyers too do not care about the purchase of such unsafe novelty contact lenses as they think that they will not affect them when wearing for a short period of time. Many people wear colored novelty lenses everyday without any ill effects. This is due to the purchase of standard novelty lenses produced according to the FDA standards. It is possible to make a fashion statement with the help of novelty contact lenses with safety.

Fashion conscious people in order to change the color and appearance of the eyes use colored novelty contact lenses. If the novelty lens of the right color is used, it can create magic during special occasions or parties.

<b>There are basically four kinds of colored novelty contact lenses:

Visibility colored lenses: </b> The novelty contact lenses are added with light blue or green tint, so that they can be easily spotted even if dropped. These kinds of lenses enable the wearer to see better during removal and insertion and also do not affect the eye color.

<b>Enhancement colored lenses: </b>These kinds of lenses are solid and a translucent tint added to improve the original color of the eyes.

<b>Opaque color lenses: </b>These are used to completely change the color of the eyes when worn.

<b>Light filtering contact lenses: </b>These kinds of lenses are designed in such a way that only certain colors like optic yellow, color of golf balls, or tennis balls etc are enhanced. These lenses are manufactured specially for sports players to focus the ball making them stand out against the background.tumblr_ndmhptshUb1rd2ow6o1_500

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