Things to NOT say to you FAT FRIENDS!


Beauty is so different these days. One day you don’t want a fat ass the next day you do. Like what are we suppose to settle on. But soemthing we CAN settle on is the discrimination of fat girls. Yeah it pretty messed up. They are people too. Just becauset they eat their feelings doesn’t mean they don have any.

So some of these things may have slipped out to your fat friend and you are wondering why they go so upset. Well here are some helpful tips on what to NOT say to your fat friends becuase yes, we love and respect them.

DON’T SAY: “omg I felt you walking towards me from a mile away” they will be upset at this because it means they are almost puttin gyou in danger. In this case it’s best to just say nothing.

DON’T SAY: “Do you have diabetes? the one you get from being fat?” that may not sound mean but it is. It’s so diva nice to be concerned with your freinds health but this is taking things maybe too far. Simply say something like “your hair looks great. Nothing about the body.

DON’T SAY: “try to breath while you eat” it makes you seem like you are somekind of breathing guru. How about leave your chunky friend alone and start a youtube channel like gigi gorgeous or shane dawson.

xoxoxooxoxo – SoFashionReady.


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