Pink Lips Baby

pink lips makeup

8741011dbef64478c28c9f506b1aae4a 32512-Pastel-Pink-LipsPink lips are all the rage right now. But the real question is what pink lipstick shade should you be rocking? There are a few deciding factors that play into the perfect shad of pink for your kisser.

1. The darker your skin tone the more likely you should wear a bold warm pink. if you go too soft or pastel it will give you cocaine lips and the appearance of ultra dry and chapped lips.

2.Always look at the lipstick itself not the color listed on the outside. Never judge a book by its cover ladies! same applies to shades of makeup.

3.For a more natural and less shocking affect pic a more peachy pink.

4. It never hurts to ask for assistance in finding your perfect shade. Just make sure the workers make up doesn’t look fucking insane so you know your getting good advice.

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