gigi hadid farted on her dog and it died wtf

Yeah, it’s totally true and totally creepy. We know the model is beautufl and fun to follow over social media but that doesnt give someone the right to BREAK INTO her soho house not once, but 5 times!

reports say

The 35-year-old allegedly homeless, self-proclaimed jazz trumpeter also left scary notes for her — and for all to see — on Facebook. “I love u. I know everything now. Wait for me soulmate,” he wrote in one. In another, he said: “I don’t know where you are. Why can’t you call me? I will talk to you in person ASAP. I love you once again.”

They say the man would also wait outside for her! omg what would you do in this situation. Let’s hope he’s at least a sexy homeless man right? Stay safe gigi! we love you! but not enough to break into your house.