New Diets To Drop Pounds!



The Mermaid Diet: 

Sounds totally glam right? well of course it is depending on how you look at it. So, what does a mermaid live in? it’s totally WATER! The diet is drink four glasses of water before you eat anything. Not only is water good for you but it will help clear your skin and fill your stomach with something that has zero calories! Remember to not become anorexic! YOU STILL NEED TO EAT!


Final Straw Diet: 

You can eat anything you can suck through a straw, no other rules. It’s rumored that Beyonce does this before the red carpet, And we all know she looks pretty fabu as her fat ass bounces down the runway.


Soup Poop:

Full of liqued and veggies. Always have some soup! stay hydrated and still have the sensation of eating when you eat the noodles or strips of chunky chicken.



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