Liam Payne Says It’s Better Without ZAYN MALIK?!?!

zayne wut

Eveyone was shocked when 1d clan memeber Zayne stepped down for the simpler life. Girls (and guys) were crying everywhere. Now that the dust has settled quite a bit Liam Payn had a few words to say about the subjec in an  interview.

He said that “the band is better than ever”, and also said their new stuff would be “just pure greatness.”

“Mentally, more than anything, we’ve grown up — although we are still very immature. We’re learning to deal with different things that attack us every day. Being in this position, there’s obviously huge pressure all the time. There’s been a lot of big changes in the band, and we have to grow past those different obstacles. To be honest with you, we’re stronger than ever, which is amazing,” Payne says.

Was this directed to former directioner? probably not.