Katy Perry Disses Superfan, Caught on Video!


Some super fans were waiting for miss Katy Perry and some akward exchanges were made. Was Katy being a total bitch or was the fan just crazy? you decide.

“the girl on the right is a huge fan of katy (she tried to meet her 2 times staying out late to try to talk to her) but the guy on the left said he was out till 5 in the morning waiting for katy, and then katy said that guy was the number one (fan), that’s when the black chick got upset and was like “But I gotta go to work!” and then katy said “I understand”. and the black girl took that as offensive (somehow) and said that katy disrespected her.
even though katy perry is the rich and famous one… this random nobody, thinks that it’s a big deal that she got disrespected…somehow…” – Sea Gull