How to Age Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Age is going to happen whether you like it or not. Not even the most wealthy person in the world can avoid this. So if anything ageing should be embraced and well kept to make the process something beautiful instead of scary. Here are some steps below: Aging Gracefully   1. Sleep on your back: Doing this wont smash your face and body leaving it more prone to create wrinkles and it avoids making your face puffy in the morning. It can take some getting use to but so does every thing.

2.Use SPF15 or higher Not only does it protect yourself from getting sun and liver spots but it also moisturizes the skin leaving it healthy. You can get tinted sunscreen as well if your worried you’ll loose your summer glow.

3.Get a good nights sleep, this is important at any age. 8+ hours well help your body regroup and refresh.

4. Don’t get rid of all your greys. yes if you need a little touch up go ahead. but nothing look more unnatural than a dye job on an obviously aging person. keep some grey, wear it with pride.

5. Stay active zumba, walking any is fine, as long as you have a set schedule and are moving you will notice you will feel better be more aware and keep you body fit.

6. Take care of your skin with some helpful products like these.

Hope these tips were helpful in your endeavors.

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