How 2 B a total BITCH


Sometimes we are soft spoken and we end up like wet bread. Like carbs ew! Sometimes you have to be a little demanding. It’s okay to be a bitch. Life requires assertive moments. Take life by the balls and bitch it out lol. Here are some usful tips to get a backbone and eventually get what you want by using what i like to call “Bitch Magic”

►If you fart, don’t apologize. Be yourself. Eveyone farts, even Beyonce. So if you have to push it out just admit to it and be like “yeah, I farted. What about it. ” People wont question you or give you any greif. You know your body, you can be a bitch about it. Your life, your rules.

►Don’t be afaid to eat in public. Tons of girl eat like crazy indoors alone. That is like a form of body shaming. If you are a fat ass, let it all hang and and shove food down your mouth, no shame. Again, your body your rules. To break the ice let your belly hang out at a resuraunt and force people to count your stretch marks!

►Say NO! NO NO NO! you are never forced to do anything. If you feel obligated to do something but dont wnat to do it instead of trying to get out of it simple say “NO!” if it hurts someones feelings who cares. If your opinion doesn’t matter to them then maybe you shouldn’t see that person anyways.

►Listen to your heart. It will whisper through to your ears. Trust your insticts and GET WHAT YOU WANT!


Author: Setfanis Frontura

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