Girls Gross Hair Confessions

Healthy Hair confessions

We are not always proud of the things we do in the name of beauty. Or even sometimes it’s just a bad habit we have grown accustom to. Here are some gross hair confessions that you guys sent in. Read them below and see if you can totally relate!


“I collect all the hair on my brush and make a huge ball with it. If you look in the corner of my closet you will see a watermelon size ball of hair! Im like proud of it though and talk to it lol.” -RealJuicyStar Ok

“I have a bald spot on the back of my head, WHY? because I burn it with a match. I’ve done this since I was little. I just love the smell of burning hair, it riminds me of camping or something. I hide it well though!” -KPS lovely UT

“I haven’t washed my hair in 6 months. It almost looks wet but im hoping it’s getting healthier. It’s smells bad but I try to hide it with hats, turbans and dry shampoo. I dont even care!”- KRATERFACE94

“plucking the root of my hair is so fun, like a realease. It so much better than cutting yourself. Also you get to eat the root end, the fatter the better. I wonder what kind of nutirents are included.” -CUTEbute911

“the hair i find on the bedroom floor i make into a bracelet and wear it al the time. Sometimes people notice and i get a werid thrill out of it.” – Styleishbruenttezzz09




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