Girl Fart Confessions

fart girl

Bad news boys, girls even fart. Here are some girl fart confessions that were sent in. Read them and see if you can relate! we are all gassy classy and sassy. #girlpower!


“One time I was so mad at my baby sister I farted into a cup and held it up to her mouth. I think she got high. ” -TO Oklahoma

“Sometimes my fart roles up into my vagina and it stays there for a while. I like to see how much hot buthole air i can save in my pussy hahaha” -SS Utah

“I dutch oven myself.”-Emma

“The first thing i do when i get home is rip a huge fart.”-ssll

“I once farted on a date so I laughed.” -Crazybritcyrus

“Sometimes I’ll cough really loud to hide my juicy fart sounds.” -donitadorito

“I farted in a wetsout and It went up to my face and I fainted.” -kristin


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