Changing the Make Up Game: STAPLERS


Beauty and mak eup is ever evolving and new tips and tricks turn up you may even call them cheating! But hey we can take what we can get. This will make a huge difference in your routine and you will be impressed with the results. IF YOU do it right duh.

Staplers! yes you heard right, the thing that connects two or more papers together is now an essintial item in your beauty routine. Why? well shut up and let me tell you!


Stick your stapler in the freezer each night.

  • in the morning before you do your makeup you will press the cold stapler on your face.
  • lightly tap focusing mostly on the huge saggy gross disgusting bags under your eyes.
  • You can also tape it to your face if you had a crazy night. 
  • Less puff before you buff.

Enjoy the tip! You are WELCOME! xoxoxox